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Sales support

Sales and selling

Do you want to sell your products in Russia without immediately risking expansion? In this case, we have the perfect solution for you: Our sales support. With us, you can generate turnover in Russia quickly and effectively.

Russia is a huge country, strange and overpowering, not only for outsiders. Apart from the language barriers, the enormous distances and the laborious travelling make sales much more time-consuming. A glance at the map is always instructive: Who for example knows Chelyabinsk in the Urals, a city of millions about 3 hours flying time from Moscow? An industrial centre which could perhaps be a customer for your machinery and equipment.

Exciting markets

Why is this market in the vastness of Russia so exciting? Because Russia is on the threshold of modernization. Russia wants to invest in order to become internationally competitive and shake off its old dependence on oil, gas and metals. The country wants not only to leave the last crisis behind it, but to change and become a global player to be taken seriously. With the exception of armaments and aerospace, production standards and quality in Russia still lag 30 years behind. There is a huge demand for investment in order to close this gap.

Instead of stumbling around in the fog...

There could be great opportunities here for you and your company. Whether for machinery and plant construction, communications equipment, complete systems, high-alloy piping, special applications or b2b business: Here you will not find yourself in saturated markets, as in the West, with tough competition and price pressure. Russia is a seller’s market, where shortage of supply prevails. Here you can achieve good returns, if you go about it properly. Legal pitfalls await, and bureaucratic obstacles block the way. All too easily, companies end up stumbling around in the fog, lose themselves in ante-rooms and make costly negotiating mistakes.

... quickly to the sales targets

This is what we want to protect you against with our sales support. We analyze your Russian market, identify and contact your key customers, agree an initial meeting and also accompany you to the meeting. Our experience, contacts and language skills enable us to find the right way and open the right doors. For you, this is much less costly and much more effective than having to develop and manage your own structure from here.

Initial sales without your own trade representatives

Take advantage of our service to sell successfully in Russia. German industrial companies in particular have an excellent reputation here, and stand for quality and performance. However, you still cannot dispense with active selling. But you need not immediately send out a horde of your own salesmen into the vastness of Russia. We manage your market entry in a specific and clear way, helping you to generate sales immediately.

Please give us a call. We look forward to presenting our sales support to you personally

Our sales support comprises:

  • Identification of key customers (small market study)
  • Establishing contact with the decision-makers
  • Preparation and accompaniment on initial customer visits