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Jacobi & Partner in Russia

We have been active in Russia for over 10 years, and in addition to our experienced and reliable staff, have many excellent contacts with authorities, institutes and companies. We also cooperate regularly with legal firms and audit companies. With these facilities, we can help Western companies with their market entry into the Russian market - and also other Eastern European markets - and advise and support them competently with local knowledge.

We compile market research and market entry strategies, found companies and/or representative offices, provide business contacts and organize legal consultation and other commercial services. We can also help you in the search for suitable trade partners or suppliers, and suitable production and storage facilities, with staff who know the country.

With regard to German-Russian cooperation, cultural communication is particularly important to us. You can only be successful in the Russian market if you know the customs, business practices and mentality of the Russians. We know Western company cultures and processes, and we know the Russian mentality. We tell you what you should do, how you should do it, and what you must not do. Our consultation guarantees your market success.