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HR development


Restructuring, mergers or extensions to the company portfolio often throw up fundamental questions about the rational and efficient future assignment of existing employees. The focus should be just as much on the job satisfaction and personal capabilities of the employee, as his future contribution to the achievement of the “new” company objectives.

We can fall back on an extensive fund of established procedures and personal experience of the consultants involved: On this basis, we develop procedures tailored to the situation of the individual client, in order to arrive at a reliable assessment of the existing resources and a reliable forecast of the development possibilities. In this process, we try to point out to employees the opportunities available, in order to reduce the stress and anxiety caused by re-orientation.

Potential analysis

Individual employees are particularly important for the company - they bring special talents with them, have unusual specialist expertise or have a charismatic personality.

Many companies are unfortunately unaware of the “treasures” they possess. This is a shame, and is also expensive, and often results in the dissatisfaction of the employees concerned, since they see no prospects for themselves. Companies want to know the capabilities of their employees and use them effectively. Motivated employees want to get involved and develop further, both personally and professionally. And it is exactly these employees that companies want to be committed to the company.

This is where our potential analyses come into play, by describing the current situation, identifying existing development potentials for specified skills areas and suggesting measures for their development. The results are implemented in the internal personnel development and by management personnel. Companies and employees therefore both benefit from the personnel development measures.

Support group / High potentials

Support groups can for example be the result of audits or potential analyses. The objective is to look after outstanding employees in the positive sense, either individually or in groups. Simply being a member of this “pool” is often regarded as a distinction, and therefore has a motivating effect.

The aim of this exercise is ultimately to produce commitment and cohesion. Companies and employees agree on targets, measures and deadlines. Future high-performers work together at an early stage across different levels and specializations. We help companies to find the right people and develop them efficiently for future positions in the company.