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Managing dismissals professionally / Assisting those affected

The unplanned, premature termination of an employment contract is emotionally stressful for those affected. Disappointment and the feeling of having failed is often compounded by fear for one’s livelihood.

Don’t abandon your employees in this situation.

Constructive outplacement helps those affected to accept the situation and find new employment as quickly as possible. They are “supported”.

‘Outplacement’ includes:

  • Rapid development of the grounds for separation
  • Coming to a “gentlemen’s agreement” with the previous employer
  • Avoidance of a hasty false start
  • Looking ahead and concentrating on new objectives
  • Analysis of the personal situation, self-assessment
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • Identification of previous professional successes
  • Development of a qualification profile
  • Articulation of wishes and professional objectives
  • Possibilities and opportunities of self-employment