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At the right place at the right time

Are you not yet successfully represented in the market in Russia, China or Brazil? Do you want to get into these countries? Or are you still in the process of deciding on internationalization? We help you to develop new and rewarding sales markets and make your way into new countries.

Finding the right markets for your company...

A key task for companies is to create new sales markets for themselves and to ensure their own growth. So far, so good, and of course a platitude. But such matters are rarely approached with structured and cool calculation. Such decisions often stagnate, because hardly anyone has time for thorough research in the hurly-burly of daily business. The procedure is inadequately prepared and delayed, but in the end things have to move fast again. Decisions and actions are taken with undue haste, which can ultimately prove to be a costly mistake.

... and preparing these markets

We support you with your internationalization. Which is the best step to take, what do the potential markets look like for you? We tell you where you will find the most rewarding markets, and what methods and instruments you need to obtain your market information. We assist you with advice and action when you want to adapt your organization to foreign countries. Together with our partners, we work out a market entry strategy with you, and tell you what you need to know when you want to get a foothold in a new country. We take care of finding partners and company development, recruit personnel, and prepare you for dealing with foreign structures.

You as a manager are responsible for the whole, your employees are outstanding specialists in your products and services, but who knows all the details of internationalization, who ensures that your company is one of those which can recognize and master intercultural differences, bypass legal and above all bureaucratic bottlenecks, and provide everything which in addition to the know-how of your company is essential for a successful internationalization strategy.

What we can do for you:

  • Presentation:We hold a specialist presentation, or prepare you to give one, so that you can give your shareholders the confidence, and your employees the courage, for your future internationalization.
  • Coaching: We coach the responsible personnel and the decision-makers, so that they know from the beginning exactly what they want, and that they want it.
  • Consultation: We provide consultation for operatives, so that they recognize and master the problems outside their specialist knowledge.
  • Supervision: We supervise your employees in the new country, so that they can look after what is essential to the company, and we handle the thousand other small matters and bring them to a decision.

We look forward to presenting our internationalization services to you personally.

Mr. Prof. Dr. Jacobi
Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Buttke