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Intercultural management for Russia, Poland, Romania and Eastern Europe

As a result of our many years of involvement in Eastern Europe, Jacobi & Partner benefits from a dense network of contacts and partners, consisting of reputable and reliable legal firms, audit companies, authorities and institutes and other specialized companies.

With these resources at our disposal, we can establish suitable contacts for you in Poland, Romania and Russia. We organize legal consultation and also commercial services. We help in the search for suitable trade partners or suppliers, and we support you in the search for suitable production and storage facilities.

The cooperation between Western parent companies and their Russian subsidiaries frequently proves difficult. In addition to the language barriers, the differences in mentality and culture in particular repeatedly lead to misunderstandings and problems.

The values and communication and management styles of the two countries for example differ more than might appear at first sight. This leads to intercultural comprehension problems, which ultimately impair the effectiveness and success of the company. Mutual awareness, understanding and tolerance help to overcome these cultural differences.

The objectives

Jacobi & Partner advises and supports you in the successful management of your Russian subsidiary or branch, with the following objectives:

  • More satisfied employees in Germany and Russia
  • Greater motivation of the employees in Russia
  • Commitment of the Russian employees to the company
  • Reduction of conflict potentials
  • Better mutual understanding
  • Better results in Russia

The measures

Thanks to our many years of involvement in Russia, we know the customs, the business practices and the mentality of the Russians. And we know the German company culture and business processes. With this experience, we can lead your company competently to success on the Russian market, by means of the following measures:

  • Identification of any existing problems
  • Training of employees in Germany and Russia in charge of the Russian business:
    • Instruments
    • Reports
    • Planning
    • Market observation
  • Definition and optimization of cross-border business processes
  • Compilation of manuals with management instructions for successful cooperation
  • Elimination of communications misunderstandings in the cooperation between Germany and Russia