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Human Resources

Bilingual interviews increase the hit rate


Anyone expanding internationally needs reliable and qualified personnel on the spot. Only in this way can sales targets be achieved.

Thanks to our many years of cooperative efforts and networks in other countries of the former USSR, we can introduce you to “native speakers” with corresponding market and sector knowledge.

At Jacobi & Partner, applicants go through a two-stage procedure, which checks the candidate both in the national language and from the western side. At the first interview for example, the Russian candidate is interviewed by a native speaker, and the complete interview conducted in Russian. At the second interview, the applicant is checked for suitability in German or English with western understanding. This increases the hit rate for filling positions, and time-wasters are quickly unmasked. Only Jacobi & Partner offer you this procedure.

We handle the specialist and personal initial examination of candidates, organize introduction meetings, obtain references and advise you on all important questions through to the signature of the employment contract. Your consultant will be based in Germany, enabling quick and clear communication.