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HR consulting

He who seeks, shall find. At least with us. Jacobi & Partner offers you outstanding personnel for industrial companies. From specialists to the Supervisory Board. In Germany and elsewhere, we are your partners for search and recruiting. We translate requirements into conclusive job profiles and find exactly the new personnel you need - even for difficult vacancies.

Excellent employees make all the difference. The product is outstanding, the market rewarding and the marketing convincing - and what counts in the end is what your own employees make of it. Good employees create a competitive advantage. Suitable personnel must be recruited, qualified, developed and committed. Systematic and strategic personnel work, with the associated increase and maintenance of company knowledge, is the basis for long-term success. Because there are no ideas without knowledge, and no success without ideas. And the generators of ideas in the company are still the people.

Outstanding personnel for industry

Jacobi & Partner specializes in filling vacancies in industry. Even in large, supra-personal structures such as those in industry, HR is not just another resource - it is the human factor which makes the difference. Individual skills, learning ability, ideas, motivation and dedication are not things which can be set down in flow diagrams. Machine operating times, management and process optimization create the framework - what counts in the end is what your employees make of it.

Looking for supervisory board members?

We devote special attention to management positions and supervisory boards: Those who decide how to proceed, what is to be done and how. Supervisory boards are internal company safety organizations, which must identify and master crises and conflicts before they become a serious danger to the company. Here the company is brought back on course when all other avenues have been explored. It is much too risky to leave such an important controlling body to proportional representation, and waste time with blandishments or in-fighting. Here the complex figures must be cracked and unclear situations assessed, without giving way to political pressure. What is needed here is sound experience, clear vision, deep understanding, courage and determination. Put us to the test - with our excellent contacts, we will find the right candidates for your supervisory board in industry.

Building bridges

Differences in culture and mentality, friction losses in understanding, pitfalls with formalities and management make personnel management away from the head office no easy matter. With our many years of experience and reliable touch, we helped to build bridges to the East. Our personnel recruitment successfully coordinates and balances expectations on both sides, clears up cultural differences and accurately assesses qualifications and skills. That makes our recruitment successful and convincing. Contact us when it comes to good employees and exciting work in Eastern Europe.

Specialist for Eastern Europe

Our personnel services are available to you in Germany, Poland, Romania and Russia. In some cases, we work with our own branches on the spot, and in other cases make use of long-established, reliable networks. Our experience in industrial consultation and Eastern Europe creates the foundations, while systematic working and reporting round off the service. We offer comprehensive personnel consultation, starting with professional recruitment, through methods of employee commitment and development, and on to separation counseling (outplacement).

Broad range of professions

We search, find and recruit male and female employees primarily for industry and companies. To give but a few examples: The range extends from directors, expert qualified engineers with many years of professional experience to the reliable bookkeeper, the skilled marketing manager and the highly motivated IT specialist - our current searches and job advertisements can be found here under Vacancies.