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Jacobi & Partner
Industrieberatung GmbH
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Jacobi & Partner in Germany

Essen, as the home of major industrial concerns and many medium-sized companies of the old and new economy, is the ideal base for an industrial and personnel consultation company. With qualified consultation and implementation services, we optimize both the efficiency and the success of your company.

We analyze companies and develop integrative low-management and low-risk growth strategies. We advise companies on reorganization, and offer professional project management and consultation for the management of your EDP systems. Many of our consultants have had years of responsibility in management functions, and know how concepts must be implemented in companies.

In the area of personnel consultation too, and thanks to our expert and experienced consultants, we can offer services above and beyond the recruitment of specialist and management personnel.

We control our national and international projects from the cradle of the Ruhr industry. This is carried out with the aid of our subsidiary companies in Poland and Romania and our freelance staff in Moscow, and our networks in other CIS countries. We smooth the path into Eastern European markets, support our clients with effective project management on the spot, optimize personnel resources and recruit suitable personnel.