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Executive search in Germany and Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland and Romania)

The success of a company depends to a great extent on deciding on the right personnel. In the area of specialist and management personnel in particular, it is becoming increasingly difficult for industrial companies to find qualified personnel.

This is where we are your expert partner. We convince our clients by making the right selection - even for international projects. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of recruitment and consultation work, we have a network of high-grade contacts and a pool of professional, international candidates. Due to our international activity, we can offer our professional personnel recruitment for various locations in different countries.

Recruitment process

We are there to advise you throughout the complete recruitment phase. We keep you regularly informed of the progress of the personnel search. Before introduction to the client, our candidates go through a multi-stage process tailored to the specifications and requirements of the vacancy to be filled.

  1. Establishment of key data and selection criteria of the position to be filled in a comprehensive personal consultation interview.
  2. Compilation of an accurate requirement profile (technical requirements, soft skills, management skills etc.), which forms the basis for the whole recruitment process.
  3. Identification of potential candidates by means of various recruitment methods - from job advertisements to direct contact and on to our network.
  4. Systematic and dedicated analysis of the application documents
  5. Initial candidate selection including a telephone interview by the relevant consultant.
  6. Personal and discreet interviews with qualified and interested candidates. If necessary, we use standardized test procedures (performance and/or personality diagnostics) under the direction of one of our psychologists.
  7. Structured introduction reports provide an initial assessment of the qualities and skills of the candidates.
  8. If applicable, review / obtaining or references from previous employers.
  9. Presentation of, as a rule, 2 to 3 candidates to the client. Assessments and recommendations.
  10. If applicable, 1-day Assessment Center under the direction of an experienced psychologist as part of “quality assurance” to confirm or refute “gut feelings” of the client.
  11. If applicable, conduct of contract negotiations.

Recruitment methods

Direct Search

Professional direct search hits the nail on the head, i.e. we find the right specialist and management personnel for you, quickly, reliably and discreetly. You specify the key data for your search in a consultation interview with Jacobi & Partner. We develop strategic objectives, analyze the competitive environment and compile a candidate profile.

We also compile a target company list for the direct approach: Made to measure for your sector and your company. Our own research departments work through this list systematically until matching candidates have been identified.