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Eastern Europe consulting

When it comes to consultation for Eastern Europe, come to us. We specialize on Poland, Russia and Romania.

The East calls

Even if nobody knows how rapidly the Eastern European markets are developing: The East calls, profits beckon. Despite economic crises, many markets are still very promising due to the lower competitive and price pressure. Anyone who wants to achieve growth here must risk expansion - although preferably with expertise and ideally with our consultation. Well-prepared, the East offers great potential.

Not without our consultation

Once again: As consultants, we specialize on Eastern Europe. We know perfectly what we are talking about: Apart from the markets themselves, the culture, business practices and legal situation often make investments in the East difficult and risky. But also lucrative - despite the financial crisis which has also hit Eastern Europe hard. The East still has a lot of catching up to do, and growth can be achieved here without cut-throat competition. With our know-how, contacts and experience, we can help you to establish yourself in these markets.

Our job is to ensure your success

The first steps abroad, the first contacts with potential customers: Jacobi & Partner supports you expertly and in the relevant language. If you are already involved abroad, we can help you in the optimization of your structures. We check whether and what you can do better, we find the suitable personnel for you and we support you in the resolution of current problems.

Consultation at Jacobi & Partner

  • circumvents cultural, bureaucratic and market-specific hurdles
  • helps you to overcome business barriers
  • gives you a clear view of the market situation
  • provides stability on market entry
  • offers decisive marketing advantages

Identifying, assessing and opening up markets

Where are the markets growing faster than average? Where is the demand outstripping the supply? Where can significant market shares be achieved without displacement mechanisms? Where can cost-effective production be established?

Jacobi & Partner has access to authorities, institutes and companies in Poland, Romania, Russia and countries of the former CIS. We obtain all the relevant information for your strategic decisions for you. We help you to assess opportunities and risks realistically, we tell you who your future customers and future competitors are, and we tell you whether and how you should adapt your products to the circumstances and practices of the relevant country.

Self-representation or outside representation?

A question of decisive importance is whether to enter new markets using your own organizational structures, or with the aid of trade representatives. This depends on the possible market volume, the need for service and consultation, and further factors specific to the situation and country.

What we can do for you:

  • We find suitable partners for you for sales, service and also for production
  • We assist you in the founding of your own companies
  • We recommend local resources for legal consultation and accounting

With us, you will find what you really need:

  • Dedicated expertise
  • Many years of experience
  • Proven contacts

Your contact partners:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Jacobi