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Crisis management in Russia, Poland, Romania and Eastern Europe

Mastering crises with élan - Jacobi & Partner crisis management

People usually find themselves in a crisis quicker than they would like, whether in the West or the East. But in Russia there are many pitfalls, which we do not expect or easily underestimate. A situation can quickly go off the rails.

In the East as in the West: If one car tire is flat, you can get by with the spare wheel and continue the journey. But if two tires are flat, not even the best jack is of any use. There is rarely only one single reason why one makes a loss and descends into a crisis. In a crisis, several factors usually come together, which individually would have been nothing more than an annoyance, and could have been overcome. But together, they trigger a chain reaction, which appears both threatening and unavoidable.

  • Structure
  • Partners
  • Competition
  • Risk assessment
  • Personnel
  • Contracts
  • Customers
  • Services/subsidiary suppliers
  • Pricing
  • Production
  • Quality
  • Legal claims


One problem is easy to live with, but several of the same time can be catastrophic.

In the East, there are many factors which are difficult to assess, because we are not so familiar with that market as we are here. We drastically underestimate certain cultural obstacles; bureaucracy, corruption and lacking legal protection make the situation even more difficult. Anyone who has to wait for his building approval for the world record time of three to five years, has supplier contracts cancelled because they are faulty, and is surprised by the amazingly low level of employee commitment, quickly slips into the red. Often it is impossible even to identify the causes, so that suitable measures can be taken. Under such complex market conditions, faulty diagnoses are not at all uncommon.

Let us tackle the problem if you have a crisis in the East. We first analyze the actual situation in detail, in order to identify the real causes. We then implement the resulting measures on the spot, so that the situation is sustainably improved.

Crisis management:

  • Analysis: What is wrong?
  • Concept: What is to be done?
  • Implementation: We do it!

With personnel and legal specialists on the spot, we are prepared for all eventualities. We know the right people who implement measures successfully: from accountants to managers. With our network of specialists, we can help you across the board and put an end to the crisis.

Talk to us, and we will help you to find the best solution and implement it as quickly as possible.