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Business development in Russia, Poland und Romania

Russia , Poland and Romania are lucrative sales markets for many companies. The prospects of success are however faced with high risks. Bureaucracy, cultural differences and operating inadequacies quickly lead to substantial bad investments and losses in practice. We assist you with market entry, credit rating, reorganization and personnel search in Eastern Europe.

Much preliminary work has to be done before entering a new market. Bad investments can only be avoided by careful research and analysis. Jacobi & Partner researches the following for you:

  • General sector developments
  • Your customers and their future prospects
  • The marketing opportunities of your products
  • Your competitors
  • The personnel situation

We tell you whether getting into the market will be worthwhile, what you can sell or produce in Russia, which location is the most suitable and what costs and efforts will be involved.

We support you actively in your first steps in the new market.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Jacobi