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Assessment Center

The AC is a modern instrument of personnel selection and assessment.

The candidate is confronted with concrete tasks and problems from their future working environment and presents the work results during the course of the assessment, which can last several days. The performance demonstrated is assessed by means of a requirement competence profile specified for this activity. During the course of the assessment, the candidate (male-female) can be observed in various real or simulated situations. The assessment by the observers provides a further guide for the personnel selection and increases the accuracy of the forecast or potential assessment to be produced at the end of the process. The latter is the case if the result of the assessment is to be used as the basis for further personnel development measures.

The advantages of the assessment lie in the differentiation and clear definition of the tasks and simulations by which a candidate is assessed, the extended period over which he is observed and the verifiability of recommendations by the intuitive verdict of the moderator. In the assessment of soft skills in particular, such as personality features, motivation, communications and management style or customer orientation, the assessment system makes a decisive contribution to the reliability of the conclusions. If necessary, this already “healthy basis” can be supplemented by the use of diagnostic instruments of organizational psychology.

Jacobi & Partner develops customer- and target-specific Assessment Centers. We employ experienced, professional moderators, a pool of proven tasks and simulations and expertise in the compilation of assessments and reports. These competences allow us to develop assessments for our clients which are aimed specifically at their problems or objectives. On the basis of these results, we provide decision-making aids or give concrete recommendations for the filling of new positions or implementation of personnel development measures.

We do not use Assessment Centers as the sole assessment basis. It depends on the task and the environment which make an employee successful.